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   Attention Visa, Passport, OCI and Misc. Consular Service applicants:

  1. Before booking appointments, please ensure that all necessary application forms are filled. Please note that Visa, Passport, and OCI applications can be filled online only. On the day of the appointment, please bring duly filled and signed print-outs of the application forms, photographs, and other relevant documents (original and photocopies).
  2. Information about various Consular services can be read at:
  3. Prior appointment through online system is mandatory to submit applications.
  4. Please book appointment according to the service. For example, if you are seeking Misc. Consular Services, please book appointment for Misc. Consular Services only. If you book any other appointment (say, Visa/Passport) to seek Misc. Consular Services, entry will not be allowed.
  5. With one appointment, the applicant and his/her family (spouse, parents and children only) will be allowed entry. There is no need to book separate appointments in case of family.
  6. Only the applicant and his/her family, for whom the services are requested, will be allowed entry. No other accompanying persons (except minors) will be allowed entry.
  7. Timings for submission of documents:
    i. For Visa, Passport and Misc. Consular services: 09:30 to 12:00 Hrs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only.
    ii. For OCI services: 09:30 to 12:00 Hrs on Wednesdays only.
  8. Attention PCC Applicants:
    Prior Registration with the Embassy of India in Lisbon is mandatory before applying for PCC. Before coming to the Embassy, please fill in the EAP-II form and Registration form (if not registered already).
    A. Documents required for Registration with the Embassy:
    i. Duly filled Registration Form (click here).
    ii. Two colour photographs (35x45 mm, with plain background);
    iii. Original Passport
    iv. One copy each of the Passport's first page, last page and current visa page;
    v. No fees will be charged for registration.

    B. Documents required for Police clearance certificate (PCC):
    i. Original Passport
    ii. Photocopy of Passport's first page, last page and current visa page;
    iii. Duly Filled in EAP II (click here) + 1 Photo (35x45 mm)
    iv. Fees – 22 Euros
    v. If you are registered with the Embassy, you can also apply for a PCC via Post. Fees are 24.5 Euros (payable only by Postal draft available in the Post office) Do not send fees in cash in the envelope.
  9. Appointments can be booked only 2 months in advance.
  10. The timings for collection for Visa/Passport/OCI/Misc. Consular documents are from 09:30 to 11:00 Hrs on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. For collection, prior appointment is not needed. Please bring the receipt given at the time of submission. Alternatively, these documents can be delivered to you via post. For more details, please ask the Consular staff at the time of submission.
  11. Please note that no battery operated or electronic gadgets (such as mobile phones, laptops, USB drives etc.) are allowed inside the Embassy. There is no facility at the Embassy to store prohibited items. You will have to make alternate arrangements to keep the same before entering the facility. For more details, please read the Security Instruction for the Visitors and Consular Service Applicants at
  12. It has been noticed that vested interests are taking advantage of the online appointment system, causing inconvenience to genuine applicants. Thus, necessary technical checks have been introduced in the system to avoid multiple bookings by a few individuals.
  13. In case of issues/malfunctioning of appointment applications, please write to with the email subject ‘Appointment Application Error’.



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