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The Embassy of India organizes events to promote Indian culture in Portugal and also extends invitations, from time to time, to the members of Indian diaspora and Portuguese people. These events include celebrations of Indian National Days, Indian dance and music performances, art exhibitions, yoga and many more. The Embassy also runs various Government of India schemes for the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), People of Indian Origin (PIOs) and Foreign Nationals. If you would like to receive invites for such events and newsletters about the Embassy activities and GoI schemes, please register yourself with the Embassy using the following form.

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  • For registration as Indian national to receive various consular services, please visit the linkhttps://www.eoilisbon.gov.in/page/issuance/ and book your appointment online viahttps://www.eoilisbon.gov.in/eoilisbonapp/index.php.
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