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COVID-19: Situation in Portugal as of 05-03-2020

Posted on: March 06, 2020 | Back | Print

As of 5 March 2020, Portugal has registered a total of 9 Covid-19 coronavirus cases, with no fatalities so far. All citizens are advised to stay vigilant and take necessary precautionary measures to avoid infection. It is strongly recommended that information on the matter be sought through official channels:

For Portuguese-language information and guidelines on how to handle Covid-19, please consult this website hosted by the National Healthcare Service (SNS): https://www.sns24.gov.pt/tema/doencas-infecciosas/coronavirus/covid-19/ and follow the recommendations issued by the Directorate-General for Health: https://www.dgs.pt/corona-virus.aspx

For similar information in English, please see the advice published by the World Health Organisation (WHO): https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019