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Renunciation of Citizenship

If an Indian national has acquired foreign citizenship and conceals this information to obtain an Indian passport, it is a punishable offence.
An Indian national resident in Portugal, who has acquired foreign citizenship must surrender his Indian passport to the Indian Embassy. His/her passport will be cancelled and returned to him/her after cancellation. Such a person should not apply for another Indian passport.

Surrender of Passport

Indian citizens who have acquired Portuguese (or other foreign) citizenship, and whose passports validity expired on or after 1st January 2005, should surrender their Indian passports to the Embassy for cancellation and obtain a Surrender Certificate / Renunciation Certificate from the Consular Section of the Embassy. The surrendered Indian passports are cancelled and returned to the holder for future reference.
Such passports should be surrendered for cancellation within 3 years of acquiring foreign citizenship and the person can travel on the Indian passport only within 3 months of acquiring the foreign citizenship.


(i) The applicant will fill the Renunciation Form and submit it at the Consular Section, along with the original Indian passport, a copy of the same; original and copy of the naturalization certificate, a document issued by the Portuguese registry office (Conservatória), clearly mentioning the date of acquisition of present citizenship. He will sign the Form in the presence of the Consular official of the Embassy.
(ii) A Surrender Certificate / Renunciation Certificate will be issued by the Embassy and the Declaration of Renunciation will be registered with the Government of India.
(iii) If the Indian passport is not available with the applicant, a sworn affidavit explaining the circumstances of the loss/damage along with the passport number & date of issue/expiry is to be provided.
(iv) Please note that the Embassy, as per the provisions of Passport Act 1967, may ask for penalty fees considering the period of delay (after the three years period) in surrendering the passport to the Government of India, and the number of visits to India or to any other country on Indian passport three months after acquiring foreign citizenship and any other consular service obtained on the basis of referred Indian passport.


For those who acquired foreign citizenship before June 2010: €20+€2 . They will be issued a Surrender Certificate.
For those who acquired foreign citizenship after June 2010: €145+€2 . They will be issued a Renunciation Certificate