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Advisory to Indian nationals/PIOs/NRIs regarding fraud calls demanding money

Posted on: November 24, 2016 | Back | Print

Some cases were brought into Embassy’s notice on November 22, 2016 wherein  Non-resident  Indians/ PIOs /professionals have received calls purportedly from Tel no. 213041090, belonging to the Embassy of India, Lisbon. A  person identifies himself as Anil Sharma, and Mr Jason Wright claiming that he is calling from Embassy of India, Lisbon and tells  NRIs/PIOs/ Indian nationals there is some problem in the Immigration form that they had filled at the Immigration, as well as finding some discrepancy  in  passports/OCI cards, etc. The caller usually states that proceedings were being initiated against them by local authority and they would face serious consequences unless they paid a fine or penalty for closure of their case/files or correct their documents. The modus operandi is to ask money from them to pay   the penalty/fine through some exchange houses/bank ATMs or unrecognized banking channels.

 The Embassy of India, Lisbon would like to assure the Indian nationals/ NRIs/PIOs and professionals working in Portugal that

·  There is no one by the name of Mr Anil Sharma or Mr Jason Wright in the Embassy. The caller is a fraud and is misusing the Embassy phone number and name. Embassy of India does not demand money on phone  from anyone in this manner.

·   There is no need to panic and not to pay attention to such calls.

· Inform Indian Embassy immediately in case you receive such calls and send relevant details at hoc.lisbon@mea.gov.in

·    Do not transfer any money towards penalty/fine through any mean of financial channels.

For further information, Embassy of India in Lisbon can be contacted at the following address:

Embassy of India, Rua Pero da Covilha No 16, Restelo 1400-297

Or Tel no- 213041096