About Us Advisory against online scams offering jobs/Spoofed Calls/fraudsters impersonating as Embassy officers

It have been brought to our notice that some Indian nationals have received phone calls or emails purportedly from Portugal-based firms, companies and institutions offering jobs or work visa processing services in exchange for money transfer payments.
It is hereby advised: 
  • to exercise due diligence and caution in dealing with unverified parties to avoid being victimized by these scams and
  • not to transfer money or share any personal/confidential information without verifying the details.
Following are few warning signs of internet job scam: 
1.   You have received a job offer for which you have not applied.
2.   You are offered a job with vague description and an exceptionally high salary.
3.   You are asked to share your personal/confidential details such as date of birth, bank details or passport details. (This information could be used for fraudulent activity.)
4.   Scam emails are often badly written and have spelling mistakes. These emails generally do not include contact information or are sent from a personal email account.
5.   The scammers may pose as representatives of reputable firms, imitate their websites and replace their contact information to seek fees for certificates, clearances and affidavits of guarantee fund. In many cases, scammers instruct the victims to transact with a specific agency/individual who would supposedly process the visa and paperwork for the employment contract.
6. If you suspect that you may have fallen pray to an online job scam, please report the incident to your local police authorities and cyber crime investigation cell. 


Advisory against Spoofed Calls / fraudsters impersonating as officers of Indian Missions and Posts 

1. There have been instances in the past when fraudsters duped Indian nationals residing abroad by impersonating as officers of Indian Missions and Posts and also by spoofing the numbers of our diplomatic facilities.
2. If you are victim of such incident, please write the information about incident in the format and email it to cons.lisbon@mea.gov.in with the subject: “Information on Spoofed Calls / fraudsters impersonating as officers of Indian Missions and Posts”
3. Mission would share this information with the Competent Authorities in India for further necessary action.