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How to Apply for Indian Visa
Indian Embassy, Lisbon receives visa applications on line. Please connect to the following URL to enter your application on line: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/ . (Upon clicking this link, if you see a security warning message, ignore the secuirty warning message and continue ahead.)On that page click on either online application link or Online Visa Application Registration .Upon clicking on that link, Online Indian Visa Form will open.
1- This visa application form is in 3-4 pages, but can be entered in more than one sitting. In order that you can fill this form in more than one sitting, you must note down the Temporary Application ID which appears on the first page, as soon as you open the online visa application page.
2- If you are applying for visa at Embassy of India, Lisbon, you must select Indian Mission: Portugal - Lisbon.
3- If you continue to the next page i.e. go to page 2, your application will be saved in the system. You can access your partially filled application by entering the Temporary Application ID.
4- Your application will also be saved in the system, if you click on button Temporary Exit after filling up at least the first 6 columns, i.e. upto the date of birth column.
5- After completing the application form, print your application in PDF format.
6- Present the printed application form, along with 2 photographs, passport, visa fee and other relevant document to the Indian Embassy. 

The application should not be presented to the Embassy on the same day on which you entered the visa application on line. If you entered the application before 5 PM, you can present the application to the Embassy the next day or later (within 30 days of entering the application). If you enter the application after 5 PM, you can present the application to the Embassy the NEXT-to-NEXT day or later (within 30 days of entering the application on line).