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A musical tribute by the Portuguese composer and flutist Rao Kyao to Mahatma Gandhi.

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"Gandhi - Um Português Homenageia Gandhi”,  a musical tribute by the Portuguese composer and flutist Rao Kyao to Mahatma Gandhi

Launching on May 14 - Rão Kyao has a new Album and Gandhi is in it

Same and different. This is Rão Kyao in 2021. Unalterable because the identity matrix of his art is singular, perennial, of him alone. Renovated because there are new elements to add to what was already known. In March, a single was launched "Respect for nature" . Now there is the album Gandhi -a Portuguese pays homage to Gandhi and shows an environmentalist human being, linked to spirituality and a humanist, capable of recognizing a futuristic legacy, global and pacifist of Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi (1986-1948). But there is also a musician, a composer and flutist in the possession of all his resources, which proposes music that breathes both universality and Portugal.

It is a thematic, organic album, made to be experienced at home or live, and can please both its loyal admirers, as well as open doors for a new generation that identifies with the music and values disseminated. In Respect for Nature, there is an appeal to Gandhi's ecological sense, and in God is Love, there is a mystical reflection that culminates with that phrase that unifies us. In Return to our origins we appeal to self-sufficiency and the spirit of independence, and in Peace is the Way we recall, as Gandhi said "there are no paths to peace. Peace is the way."

The theme of Mercy alludes to the fundamental point of his religious wisdom, and Sathya Graha, emphasizes the philosophy of love and non-violence that has always guided Gandhi and that would eventually lead to the removal of the English. One day the black leader Martin Luther King stated: “Christ is the message. Gandhi is the method. ”

In the salt march, evokes the walk to to salines, organized by Gandhi, and that joined a multitude in prol of the right to salt, and the theme of independence refers to the year of liberation, in 1947, Vaishnav jan to tene Kahiye je is the song loved by Gandhi, of the options of humanity, over the years has turned into a hymn that all know in India.

The final song, Mahatma, in its literal translation, signifies Great Soul, name attributed to Gandhi by the Indian people.

If from a thematic point of view it is a work that breathes globally , from the musical point of view makes us travel to the East without ever leaving our textures, identity and also rhythms of Portugal, with such diverse influences, from malhão to fado, on a journey that is, after all, our interior. Peaceful music, but active and enchanting, like Gandhi's knowledge.

He created a new mentality in the Indians, a benign pride in relation to their origins ”, says Rão Kyao,“ who prepared them to respect and understand the richness of their tradition. Not only did they do the right thing in terms of their relationship with the past, they also recovered economic and then political independence from the British. Hence the theme as Return to the origins. At the same time it is remarkable how he sowed peace, in the struggle, not responding to aggression, but in an active way, promoting always equality between all human beings. His thinking cannot be imagined in the actual context. Two of his great followers were Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

In Gandhi - A Portuguese Honors Gandhi, there is also a message, that of Rão Kyao himself, from the knowledge of Gandhi: “We need to go back to the origins, looking at what is universal, without forgetting the specifics and what distinguishes. This illustrates my attitude towards music.

A song that, on stage, makes use of the performance of five gifted performers.

“The album was entirely recorded" without any additives ", thinking about its live presentation. It is a record that tells the story of a man who through peace won the war. And this story deserves to be told, live, musically to people."

The project started as a challenge. Official entities in India launched an invitation to 124 countries for each of them to choose a musician to recreate Vaishnav Jan to Tene Kahiye. “It was then that the Indian embassy invited me to conceive a version of this theme, based on the fact that they knew my connection with Indian music ”, says Rão Kyao, who after finishing the recreation, he got an immediate reaction that was unexpected by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, who referenced him in all his social networks"

From than on Rão Kyao plunged, even deeper, into the actuality of Gandhi's thinking , to design an entire album, it was an instant.

Here we are, before yet another album by someone who started from jazz and then threw himself into the world, from East to Africa, from Europe to the Americas, with bamboo flutes. An ambassador with a Portuguese soul. A long career with many records, immense meetings and collaborations, many learnings and inspirations, which make him universal of most of Portuguese musicians. In recent times he has never stopped gaining critical acclaim and public applause for works like Fado Virado a Nascente (2001), Porto Alto (2004) or Coisas Que a Gente Sente (2012) and Aventuras da Alma always in transit around the world. Now back, with great music inspired by the life and work of Gandhi.

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