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Opening Remarks by Prime Minister on the 15th India-EU (Virtual) Summit held on 15 July 2020.

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15th India-EU (Virtual) Summit

Opening Remarks by Prime Minister

  • Excellencies, Namaskar! Due to COVID-19, India-EU Summit proposed to be held in March had to be postponed. It is good that today we are meeting virtually.

  • To begin with, I express my condolence for the loss that Europe has suffered due to Coronavirus.

  • I thank you for your opening remarks. Just like you I am also committed to expansion and deepening of India-EU ties.

  • For the above purpose, we have to adopt strategic perspective and our action oriented agenda which has to be implemented within a fixed time-frame.

  • India and EU are natural partners. Our partnership is useful for world peace and stability. This reality has been validated in today’s contemporary context.

  • Both of us share and uphold values of democracy, pluralism, inclusivity, respect for international institutions, multilateralism & freedom.

  • Presently our citizens are combating dual challenges of health and prosperity. There are several types of pressures on the Rules-based international order.

  • In this context, India-EU partnership can play an important role in the economic rejuvenation and for the development of human-centric globalization.

  • Apart from contemporary challenges, long-term challenges, such as climate change are important for both of us. We invite European investment and technology for the development of renewable energy in India.

  • I am also hopeful that this virtual Summit would provide impetus to our relationship.